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Advanced Hip Replacement Technology at Stenum Hospital
The keys to a successful hip replacement involve proper diagnosis, access to the full spectrum of technology available, skilled surgeons, and a well implemented rehabilitation process.

New technology has been developed to reduce wear and extend the lifespan of these solutions. Personalized Custom Hip Replacements, and improved multi-bearing implants, enable patients to return to normal activities sooner and avoid future surgeries.

Medical breakthroughs like BioMaterials and BioCeramics, using a specific Hydroxyapatite formula, enable advanced applications that provide superior integration with natural bone structures and longer lasting solutions.

While these advanced technologies may not be available in the US, they are available to international patients at Stenum Hospital.

At Stenum, top surgeons, advanced technology, and a comprehensive rehabilitation program, are combined to achieve superior long lasting results.

Personalized Custom Hip Replacement
The experienced surgeons at Stenum are using technology that enables them to design and manufacture custom hip replacement stems, made to measure, that adapt to every patient's unique anatomy.

The custom shape of these hip replacements gives immediate stability and allows cement-less fixation through bone re-modeling around the prosthesis. Unlike a standard implant, the mechanical stresses are transmitted to preferential support zones, adapted to each patient's anatomy.

The Symbios Hip Replacement System
Drawing upon 19 years of clinical experience with Custom Prostheses, Symbios has introduced the first system allowing control of the anatomical reconstruction of standard hip prostheses. This system allows us to effectively optimize the treatment of all cases, from the simplest to the most complex.

The system consists of 3 elements:
1. 3D planning software: HIP PLAN
2. Adapted implants: SPS, SPS Modular, Custom
3. A specific surgical technique providing reliable and reproducible positioning of the implants

The advantages for the patients are:
- The implants are fitted and pre-planned for accurate fit
- In each case, the surgeon can simultaneously check the length of the leg and the femoral offset against the pre-plan, thus reduceing the rates of limping and dislocations.

Starting from a CT scanner examination, a Custom prosthesis adapts perfectly to the wide range of femoral anatomical variations across the population and allows the patient to return to a perfectly normal quality of life.

Large diameter “hard to hard” friction joints;
Press fit impacted cups are manufactured from titanium alloy, Cobalt-Chrome-Molybdenum alloy, CrNi steel, or stainless steel and are coated with porous titanium and hydroxyapatite.

Custom Cement-less Stem
Custom cement-less stems are manufactured from titanium alloy, are bi-coated with porous titanium and hydroxyapatite and are designed after the pre-operative planning by the surgeon.

The Maioregen Biojoint System
The first implant allowing cartilage regeneration.
Distributed by Symbios since September 2009

Advancements in nanotechnology have allowed development of biomaterials with an architecture similar to that of natural bone. This structure gives the biomaterial natural levels of porosity and allows for the formation of new bone.

High porosity combined with morphological microstructure provides an amazing capacity for absorption of body fluids. Thanks to this 'sponge effect' throughout its thickness, bioactive proteins and growth factors can more effectively and rapidly regenerate bone structures. This quickly ensures increasing stability and mechanical strength until full integration with new bone occurs.

The Benefits of BioCeramics
The benefit of BioCeramics is to create a perfect synergy between the stimuli facilitating biochemical and structural neo-osteosynthesis.
A specific Hydroxyapatite formula shows the same chemical composition of micro-crystals contained in the natural bone matrix and therefore has the same ratio of calcium / phosphorus. The biomaterials, based on this next generation hydroxyapatite, when in contact with body fluids, create the ideal microenvironment for the receipt of biological stimuli required for bone development.
The interconnected porosity plays a decisive role in the process of osseointegration as it allows total communication between the biomaterial and the surrounding environment by promoting bone formation.

Biomet Exceed Hip Replacement
The Exceed-ABT™ multi-bearing hip replacement system combines the latest technological developments in large diameter bearing design with clinically proven fixation methods. A highly versatile multi-bearing platform, the Exceed-ABT™ acetabular system is capable of addressing the needs of both primary and revision hip surgery. The ability to select intra-operatively between C2A-Delta™ (ceramic) and M2A™ Series (metal) allows for optimised implant function, in-line with clinical requirements and patient activity, while large diameter E-Poly HXLPE bearings complete the advanced bearing technology.
Improved stability, increased range of motion and reduced contact stress are all benefits that distinguish the Exceed-ABT™ acetabular system. Improved stability and increased range of motion are attributed to the extensive use of large diameter bearings, limiting the instances of dislocations and impingement; while reduced contact stress is a benefit achieved through optimal bearing contact via the patented 15-degree component.

Biomet Antioxidant Infused Technology and Regenerex® Porous Metal
Biomet continues to work on introducing new technologies that increase the longevity of its orthopedic implants. Two such technologies have been introduced recently with implants available for hip replacement.

E1™ Antioxidant Infused Technology, from Biomet, is the only Vitamin E enhanced polyethylene. The process begins with Biomet's clinically proven ArCom® polyethylene. Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant, is then added to the ArCom® poly, which has demonstrated, in laboratory testing, a greater resistance to harmful oxidation. Polyethylene oxidation is like rust on a car, which can weaken the polyethylene implants.

Regenerex® Porous Titanium Construct is a highly porous metal engineered to allow bone to rapidly grow into the implant, which can enhance fixation. Regenerex® material is used for the hip cup, the implant that resurfaces the damaged socket portion of the hip. The cup can then be used with E-Poly™ Vitamin E liners.

Rehabilitation Program
While these technologies will help to insure long lasting success, a comprehensive postoperative rehabilitation program is critical.
Dedicating enough Time, proper Expertise, and a well designed Physical Therapy Program, will insure the best possible outcome for the patient.

At Stenum Hospital our complete care package, our commitment to quality, and the latest technology improvements and expertise, provides superior results in a very safe "world class" patient destination.

Hip Replacement Complete Care Package and Cost
All inclusive complete care package for Hip Replacement, $22,000 US Dollars

Hip Replacement surgery and rehabilitation at Stenum Hospital includes;
  • 1 pre-operative hospital day for evaluation and consultation.
  • All surgery costs (implant, surgeons, anaesthesia, complications, etc..).
  • 12 Postoperative hospital days.
  • All consultations, x-rays and medications.

    Optional; 14 day expert post-op Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Program, $4,000. Typical time frame: 22 days (=1 preop + 7 postop + 14 rehab)

    All inclusive fee for Hip Replacement, starting at $22,000 USD

    Your stay at Stenum Hospital will include, transportation from the Bremen Airport, deluxe newly remodeled rooms with, in room TV (CNN and BBC in English), Wireless Internet, Meals, served in room or taken in the dining room and English speaking consultants who will see to all your needs.

    Not included; your flight, lodging for family members while you are in the hospital, and meals while at the hotel in town.

    Start Now!
    Stenum offers complete remote evaluations at no charge.
    In order to determine if hip replacement is for you, we offer a commprehensive evaluation of your case by our team of surgeons.
    We will be your patient advocate, so you can get the truth about your options.

    Evaluations can be done easily by mailing your images to us.
    Click here to begin the simple evaluation and scheduling process.

    Quality of Care
    At Stenum Hospital our commitment to quality, combined with the latest technology improvements and expertise, provides superior results in a very safe world class patient destination.

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